Doing your job. 

Sometimes, we just need to be given the space and reminder to do our job. 

1) Recently, working in FSJ, where the pharmacy is much busier by nature of problems and interruptions, the other staff does a great job in triaging before asking for a pharmacist’s help or involvement. A set of screening is done at intake. Preliminary questions are asked at pickup. Waiting time is more than sufficient.They’re definitely doing their job, exceeding the expectation norm really. However, their diligence is almost preventing me from doing my job. I’m not actually that busy that I can talk to the patient; I actually should talk to the patient even if they have no concerns. I understand why it is what it is. Sometimes though, it’s overprotection as if I’m working behind a wall. I need to find a hole to break through my  own team of defense. It also feels like working in the war room. We’re delivering on speedy service, but is that quality patient care? In every profession, we get caught up in the balance of getting things done and doing things well. Doing things well, every bit counts but the opportunity needs to be there too. Everyone needs space to do their job. 

2) This reflection topic also reminded me something from a few months ago. It was one of the feedback I most appreciated in the recent years. I was going through a tough time in my energy and engagement level at work. A person told me it’s probably obvious to clients and not best appreciated. I basically took it as that’s right, I better get myself together and do my job. Sometimes, our motivation slips and we just need a brutally honest reminder to do our job. 

2 sides of the coin.

Dealing with a couple work issues/frustration currently, after a weekend of reflecting and analyzing it, I realized it’s essentially the same issue from different ends of it. A situation out of our hands but so much internal drive to contribute to it. It makes quite an interesting scenario. 1) Another person is experiencing the frustration with me and my colleague. 2) I am the person experiencing the frustration with a colleague.

Again, I don’t want to be a person who is focused on the problem, but try to find a solution to break out of it. In situation 1, I can start to see the source of their frustration and how it spirals. Recognizing that, I see the opportunity to take initiative to move pass the situation. In situation 2, where I cannot take a position to just step in and take charge, I am trying hard to not give up but finding alternative ways to contribute toward the greater goal.  This reflection has led me to recognize no matter in the receiving end or not of a frustrating situation, in a position of power or not, there is a way to make an effort aside from giving up or complaining.

At the same time, I realized I cannot always be in the position to take charge in order to make a difference. We can recognize certain people as great leaders, but they too play a role of participant in other projects. People can possess leadership skills and qualities, but it’s the situation that gives them their role. A great leader must know how to do the nitty gritty and pay respect to the leader when they are participants only. No one is too good for a certain task.


In a way, the US election result makes sense. The votes turned out to be the way it did because of the needs and personal interest of the voters.  At the end of the day, we’re outsiders looking at what’s best for the country and the world overall, or only receiving the mainstream media. We’re not thinking from the voter’s perspective. It is as simple as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If a person doesn’t even have their basic needs of accommodation and employment met, issues like equality, environment, peacekeeping, and face of the country are really not that important.

Today, SF also asked me about appreciation/depreciation of the CAD and its effect on our economy. I was actually able to explain it. Thanks to my current economics course.

So I guess, once again, I may not feel like I’m getting smarter or more knowledgeable day to day, but it is slowly changing me. I’m gaining more insight to the world, able to think critically, and talk like an intellect with the people around me.

Week 10/12.

In light it’s halloween

Love TK’s analogy of the fruit roll up and ring pop. 

I keep looking at the fruit roll up, not eating it, not putting it away, not tossing it. Just continuously think about it and stare at it. 

Occasionally, I get a candy fix and have a ring pop. But when the ring pop is done, I go back to eyeing the fruit roll up….

It applies to so many aspects of my life. I overthink things, then put it aside or distract myself without resolving the initial issue, then it eventually comes back out then I overthink it for awhile again.