You be you and I be me. 

Work is only a portion of  life. I’m neither a workaholic or burying myself in it as an avoidance technique. The reason I work so much and dedicate so much of me to it, it’s because it’s my gym to develop grit, my podium for success, and launchpad for something even greater. How can I be who I want to be without work? 
That’s just me. I understand others are not alike me. Go play ball the way you need to play ball, spend hours at the farm, or taking care of family. Everyone be what they need to be, you be you and I be me. 

Work, I/we’ll make it work. 


Happy Father’s Day

I think dads are generally under-appreciated. We thank mom for their childbearing, housework to keep the family together, etc. I still remember our “rule” that we can take phone calls from mom during meetings but no others. But what about dads?

Growing up, I’ve always been closer to my dad than my mom, mainly because of his willingness to have intellectual conversations, play brain logic games with me after a tiring day of work, and all the time we spend together in car rides to and from extracurricular activities. As I mature and develop my own perspective of the world, all the things I believe in and strive for is probably against all his principles and out of his comfort zone. I got the stubborn genes from him, but complete opposite set of values from our generation gap. He tries but does not understand nor agree, but he’s letting me fly. I know he’s struggling, but giving me his support in silence, except the times he tells mom loud and clear to let me be. There’s things he wants to do and investments to make, but knowing my personality, he has given it up to be debt free and provide me a safety net while I go strive my goals and take my risks. I know I rant about not getting the full learning and growing up experience, but I also know I can’t be doing what I’m doing without what he has done for me. Thank you for everything. We don’t talk about it, but I know. Happy Father’s Day.