Played badminton today, I could sense an interesting change in mentality. It used to be how to win every game. Doesn’t matter if I’m playing well or not well, who I’m playing with or against, just how to squeeze points and get the W. Today, I played 2 games of singles. One L and one W. The loss, I played terribly. Just too many unforced errors and didn’t modify my game when things weren’t working. Second game was much better. Good strategy and execution. It wasn’t as exciting of a game because I hit absolutely no winners, but just played that strategic rally game of singles that there was nothing my opponent could battle against. I was just walking the game, absolute control of the pace and placement.

Today’s playing reminds me of a youtube video I watched on sports psychology awhile ago. It divided a game into a 2×2 grid of win/loss and good game/bad game. Of course, in a tournament or competitive setting, the win is what matters regardless of good game bad game. Practice or just day to day, I could really have more good games and care less about the win/loss. I still remember watching LD before the Olympics. He was losing with embarrassing scores and being eliminated in the early rounds in smaller tournaments. At the same time, his gameplay was changing and modifying. It was just practice, and the final polished product is what he presented at the Olympics. Playing all the time, it’s time to practice the different strokes and strategies, to equip myself with more tools when the time matters.


It’s been a very long time since I wrote about an Asian song. I still remembered using lyrics in the past to indirectly log things in the past. So young haha

I randomly came across this song on Spotify a few days ago. I’m positive I’ve heard of it before but thought nothing of it, but this time it sort of resonated a little more, and it’s on my playlist now. A lot of times, particular line(s) of the lyrics would catch my attention and that’s all it really takes for me to like it or continue listening to it. This song, not that particular lines don’t hook me on, but it’s really the entire song and its content; I can’t even choose which line to quote.

“它 從前代表比天更高 
一代人 一轉眼 那樣老
你讓任務 如期完成 並劃下記號。”
The old may have great, but once completed its goals and served its purpose, we need to let it retire and close that chapter.
“新世紀 等你效勞
脫下這制服 留下火箭 下班車已到 ”
The new is here, to serve us and for us to serve, so do not dwell in the past because the new is here.
As the song concludes, what has been done is good enough, the next chapter is here, it’s time to move on.

Anyway, this song triggered a brief reflection of myself. My past may have had many shining points, but it really is in the past now. It’s time to not continually reference on history, because the environment and we have changed. It’s time to just focus on this current chapter, what I need to learn, what I need to do, for the present situation at hand, given my current set of knowledge and environment conditions.
1) Almost 2 weeks ago now, while we talked about our humble roots of YLM, a lot of “I wouldn’t do it this way” or “that’s wrong because that’s not what we believed in originally” came in my head. But really, that’s our way of belief 5-10 years ago, or the stakeholders interest have changed. I/we did what seemed best at the time, but perhaps now, times have changed and I just need to settle we really don’t know enough to comment. It’s a new generation; it’s not our program anymore.
2) In terms of work, maybe I’ve undervalued or limited some others, for no particular reason but just staying status quo. They’re capable individuals and could all become very competent leaders given time and experience. Maybe it’s time for me to let a longer leash and help them grow. The company is not new and small anymore; time for me to do it all is old school, it’s time for me to build something greater, be the catalyst in the evolution, retire myself.
3) Personally, I have a few great friends. I’m not going to retire them and stop being friends, but just less held on the “good old times” when we were young and naive. Those times aren’t going to come back because we’ve individually grown through the years. While keeping those friends, it’s time for the current self to make new friends. Keep having good times and build memories nonetheless, just embrace/anticipate the different set of experiences.

Article Reflection #1

As most people know, I read lots of articles and get very inspired. Inspired to implement (usually don’t), and inspired to share (not enough people I can bug about or share to). But hey, I have this blog! What I’ve read in the last few days…

1) We have been trained to read a book cover to cover, but that doesn’t have to be the rule. It’s probably still a good idea if it’s a fiction or story to really make sense of it, but for nonfictions, this article suggested browsing the table of contents and reading the parts that truly interest the reader. More importantly, spend time to summarize or reflect on that selected part and decide how to use that piece of new knowledge and draw an action plan from it.

2) One of my new favorite site is from James Clear. He has linked many productivity/procrastination hacks to science analogies, physics and science, and it totally resonates with the science brain of mine. Newton laws of physics, activation energy. And accounting too, time assets vs. time debts. Makes lot of sense, debit and credits are just firing through my brain each time I commit or complete a task.

3) After years of multitasking being able to achieve more, there seems to be a swing back for being focused on one task at a time, short intervals of absolute focus, to achieve more. I quite like the idea of pomodoro, 25 min, and setting how many sets to do in a week, and then being flexible around when to achieve that. I had a similar app at one time where there’s a timer for 25 min of work, 5 min break, and then 3 sets before a 15 min break. It was too intensive and hard to get back to it because 5 min break really isnt’t enough, miss the timer and don’t go back to it. I think this goal of # of pomodoro would work well, because it’s concrete and flexible. It probably works better with my illogically logical arrangement of time.

4) Systems of Failure. This is the article I just finished reading. It breaks down failure to a failure of tactics, strategy, or vision. I think I knew bits and pieces of it before, but this article really put it together with what type of solutions for the respective type of failure. I think this is something applicable to me right now, although I don’t have the brain power to think and analyze through it right now. Good exercise when I’m in a better headspace, another time debt….

I feel a lot better after typing this. I’m slowly moving pass the excitement and urge it’s cool and need to share, but internalizing it and finding ways to actually use it and improve my life. I titled this #1, hoping I will do this more often but no promises, we all know how restart and re-restart went.