International Business

Another course done!
1) I went in to registering this one thinking that this would be one of the more difficult courses, based upon my lack of experience with current events and the international world of business and economics. As I went through this course, I feel like this is one of the courses I have the best understanding of and everything makes logical sense with flow.
2) This course, I kept up with it during the semester for the most part. Even if I didn’t finish my own set of notes, I’ve read the slides and text and have a good understanding of each chapter by the end of the module. When studying for finals came around, I really didn’t know what to study. I’ve done all the readings and notes, I understood everything already, reading it twice over to catch some of the smaller details was good enough. Didn’t feel confident with the process going into the exam, but I knew everything. Maybe this is what being caught up and organized feels like.

Anyway, this is the end of my part time 1 course/semester with full time work life. Next semester, 3 courses and CTH and who knows what exciting things I add to my daily life 🙂

Ogopogo 2019

Finally 30 years old so I entered in my first Masters tournament – Ogopogo at the Kelowna Badminton Club. Results was good and I’m satisfied, but I think the process was great.

  1. Tournaments are like exams and report cards. It’s a reflection of preparation and performance. I didn’t practice any particular shots or skills since the last tournament, but I have significantly better quality of shots and coverage of the court. Fitness wise, I may not feel I’m stronger than before from the past month going to the gym, but my shoulder and back not being stiff was a good sign.
  2. Requesting a partner to play together, you have no idea what you get. This time, I got a player that was not as strong for doubles. She’s likely the weakest player in the WD pool, but she’s really serious and wants to get better. She recognized that she was not as strong and asked me to not play like mixed because she wants to learn. I respect that and want to support her, so I told her to play how she wants to play, gave her a few tips if she’s in trouble, cover for her, and capitalize on my opportunities to make it advantageous for us. Between the sets, I let her give me feedback on how we’re doing, hear her out first on how we should change it up, add a few things, and play as discussed. At such a time, there’s no point for me to give her pressure or tell her to do something that’s not within her skillset. In the end, in 2 matches, we won one and pushed to 3 sets in the other against a really strong pair. Even though we didn’t win the event, I really enjoyed that process and what we achieved.
  3. There is no being low key. Apparently, I’m being watched and talked about, how well I play and etc. It’s great but I am that much younger and spend a lot of time working toward it. I’m sure no one is talking about that. Being recognized and complimented but not in the way you care, thanks but no thanks.

Back to training. In need of my next timeline checkpoint…