In a way, the US election result makes sense. The votes turned out to be the way it did because of the needs and personal interest of the voters.  At the end of the day, we’re outsiders looking at what’s best for the country and the world overall, or only receiving the mainstream media. We’re not thinking from the voter’s perspective. It is as simple as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If a person doesn’t even have their basic needs of accommodation and employment met, issues like equality, environment, peacekeeping, and face of the country are really not that important.

Today, SF also asked me about appreciation/depreciation of the CAD and its effect on our economy. I was actually able to explain it. Thanks to my current economics course.

So I guess, once again, I may not feel like I’m getting smarter or more knowledgeable day to day, but it is slowly changing me. I’m gaining more insight to the world, able to think critically, and talk like an intellect with the people around me.

Week 10/12.


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