Learning is fun.

Working on the CPhA labs value course. I could be done long ago, but I’m taken my time to truly make sure I got it and reconcile all the information together. Real learning.

It’s been a good experience so far. It is comparatively easy to my MBA school courses because it’s black and white facts. It just takes time and effort. Of course, the application of it is more clinical judgement, but the studying is not abstract like leadership.

It’s been fun also when I’m able to recall and integrate bits and pieces of it during work. It’s true the scope of practice isn’t there for us to order labs or receive results directly, but I have already recommend patients lab test frequency for a pregnant lady with hypothyroidism or understand what the nurse practitioner was saying for a normal MCV with iron deficiency anemia. Nothing in the current scope deters patients from sharing their charts with pharmacists if the therapeutic relationship is there, so someone gave me a copy of her annual review with her physician to me, with her current A1C, SrCr, BMI, HDL/LDL, and such.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” This course, that’s the preparation. There are some opportunities out there. We don’t need the world to make a difference, so make the best of what’s available and the world will open up. And then success!


Inspired, keep going.

Went to a going away dinner today. Every time I connect with this group of people, I am reminded how far away I am from being who I want to become. They are my inspiration, aspiration, goals and role models. It’s Monday again, time to work hard!


It seems like the 3 keys to productivity and eventual success are: stay organized, own a early morning routine, and read daily. There are obviously many others but these 3 seem to recur the most. I don’t excel in any of these 3 areas, nor had much success in forming these habits. I’ve chosen organization as the first to tackle.

I’ve tried many apps, notebooks, and such tools, but as one of the HBR article says, productivity tools are useless without productivity skills. I’m on a long journey to finding my way to staying on top of it all.





The first thing that came to mind on today’s prompt is free prescriptions delivery. It’s becoming more and more common in the marketplace, almost like you have to do it to stay in the game. For obvious reasons, this is beneficial for the patients who have difficulty travelling to the pharmacy, makes total sense in the service and/or health sector. This is clearly positive business and society progression, which I have no issues with. The devil’s advocate rhetorical question to me here is, we’re only going to have more and more services to remain competitive, probably free, so when does the big boss of the service sector recognize this as something valuable the providers are giving and remunerate for this effort? How will the users give back or play a role in this? We always say healthcare is different from other services because it’s an essential service or it’s the ethical thing to do, but that doesn’t make it not a business nor the providers aren’t human at the end of the day. So, should we really be looking at it through a complete different set of lenses?

A one way street can only go so far. We may as well build the return before the whole road gets taken apart.



Risk and Changes. 

The last Pocket app update became less fun and functional for me. Now, I find myself resist/postpone updating my apps, not knowing if it’ll become better or worse. Logically, I know this one poor experience is not a precedence for the future. I cannot make such assumptions. 

Non-fiction reading.

There needs to be an in-between of article and book reading. Articles are too short to fully express the idea; it’s “good to know” rather than truly informative and life changing. Books are dragged too long to fill the pages that it loses its points. The examples are repetitive it becomes just another example.

What would the in-between be called?


I like travelling and being out of town. The one thing I always forget is …. I don’t have a car to drive, just my legs and public transport to rely on. Despite my painful feet and back, it is nice to just be a passenger and observe the surroundings.

Giving this daily prompt and ping back a try, to hopefully blog more. I know how to reflect, but I don’t get around to sitting down and putting it in words.




Vacation time!

It’s not perfect timing for a break, but it can serve as a break needed. Despite taking this semester off school, it has still been a busy few months. I’ve done lots that I should not discount myself for achieving, but it has definitely felt like a lot of meeting deadlines after deadlines down to the wire. It’s been productive because things are being done, but I’m not necessarily moving forward as a person or as a team. It’s like swimming but just treading at the deep end, the calories are burnt the cardio is done but I’m still at the same spot.

During this break, I’m sure I’m still doing work, not sure how much, but that’s okay. There’s good work and bad work. I’ll only do good work while I’m off. Good work is the longer term projects that we may not be getting to day to day, but the true things we feel productive and make real progress. Finishing work in general feels good, but making even a tiny bit of progress on good work feels great.


Great article from ALearningADay again, on pacing ourselves. Aging is a reality to athletes, lot of priorities and engagements is a constant for work. Can’t go 110% all the time, it’s about choosing when it matters most, when it is most effective. Make it count when it really needs to. It is the key to control and mastery.

Leadership Conclusion.

At the start of another course, it’s time to wrap up the previous one. Leadership was definitely a different course. I have more leadership theories and concepts than ever. Definitely feeling that scientific approach to business compared to before. One of the things I realized most is the concept of learning. Never before with any courses or projects, I have felt this insecure or challenged, on a personal level. I can tell myself, by the definition of learning, my mental construct has changed. I learned.