Better late than never

While I was digging through some old posts to find some leadership notes on the go, I decided to read my entire blog last night, newest to oldest. Things I’ve learned about myself:

  1. It’s very positive, motivated, and driven. I write the daily prompts but on a positive note. I write/take note when I read/watched something inspirational. I write when I’m feeling beat and just need to push on or reset.
  2. While I felt the learnings from school was a little thing/improvement at the time or trying to make it become part of me, it has become a part of my views and values now.
  3. There are a lot of people, things, and events that I appreciate in life. I write about it so it’s obviously somewhere in my head, just need to surface it a little more.
  4. One of the recurring goals I have made over the years is developing a morning routine and becoming more disciplined to gain productivity. Finally, in 2019, I think I’m finally getting there. I have a good 7am routine now, trying to modify it to 6am. The productivity is definitely working for the morning, need to work on evenings and weekend. I’m making progress, getting some studying done, but there’s still more I would like to achieve: exercise, reading, extracurricular learning, hobby, social events, and just general relax down time to seem like a normal human šŸ™‚ I’ll get there.

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