Kamloops 2018

It was nice to play in a tournament again. Some games, after the warmup or half a set in, you know you got it. Just finish it, get it done. Some games, you know they got something, it’s not going to be a blowout. It’s a “more important” match, you need to perform. Then, the pressure hits and you’re not performing. This isn’t just practice or training where meh, I lost, beat you next time.

Overall, the tournament was okay. Got a really good partner for mixed, met some new people hopefully see again, reintroduce myself to this world. Most remarkably, I’m impressed with the last singles match. If I played my usual level, I would probably be okay, but it didn’t come together as easily as that. My usual go-to strategy didn’t work out, or I was scared to keep using it because she had a good return. I had to resort to my #2 and #3 strategy, string it together to make it work out. It took 100% effort, that thing I feel I’m always lacking. I’m glad I didn’t give up, I’m glad I put in that kind of effort, I’m glad I dug deep into my repertoire and executed. Those make me happier than winning.

It’s time to go back to training, keep building those tools for the day I need it.



I realize that I look up to those who had a setback, worked hard, and come back stronger and better than ever before. Not everyone have the motivation for it, not everyone can be that disciplined, but for those on succeed, hats off to you.

Kento Momota. I cannot imagine what that one year is like, but this new level of maturity and skill, it’s unbelievable.


Sometimes, we need to dig deep to find that resilience. We know it’s challenging, we know it’s discouraging, but we need to believe and push on. Don’t let the emotions distract your goals and divert your course.

Borrowing from Jia’s reflective conclusion piece from the Uber Cup: “雖然我們的口號是不忘初心,無所畏懼…你真的能像剛出道比賽一樣天不怕地不怕嗎?…我們只能心裏暗示自己,我們可以做到 “

Where is the green grass?

There’s always 2 sides to everything, or more.

For my entire life, whether for myself or being a friend to others, it has been an experience of job/school/program application, interviewing, and waiting. There was always a lot of impatience, anxiety, frustration, and disappointment. Even after receiving an offer and accepting it, there’s the self-doubt after the excitement subsides.

What about the other side?

Recently, I have the unique opportunity to be on the other side of this process. The other side is definitely not necessarily the “advantaged” side as  I or other people may have thought. There’s the waiting for applications, then waiting for the interview, then deciding to take the chance or not on the person, then waiting for them to accept or decline the offer. Same as the application process, there’s the self-doubt process  of whether we chose the right candidate or if things turn out well in this thing I’m so invested in. And then, if the ideal candidate declined, there’s the what if scenario that would play forever. Who would have thought things were so difficult on this side?

The grass is not always greener on the other side.


Logged into wordpress after a long break away. I actually have something to blog about, but I noticed the daily prompt today and can’t not post that first. Rebel.

Burnaby South Rebels! Didn’t think much of the mascot and high school back in the day, but as time passes, I realize how much of an influence that 5 years has on my experience and today’s views. And of course, can’t believe how I’m so proud of this history and mascot I can’t resist not posting this daily prompt!


2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics is over! I just can’t help myself but to watch a bunch of the competition, hear the athletes’ stories, learn the mechanics of the sports, and just whatever news headlines that’s buzzing. There’s just this magic and attractiveness to the games, it’s so mesmerizing.

It’s inspirational to say the least. The perseverance and grit to get there, the focus and nerves to perform, the emotions and sportsmanship when it’s over.

It’s absolutely admirable, but I continue to remind myself and others: we probably will not become Olympic athletes, but these are characteristics we can still develop and apply in our own lives.

2017. 2018

I understand whether a year is good or bad is all perspective and presentation. Nonetheless, I like to believe 2017 was a good year. I did not achieve all my goals but for the ones I did, I am proud of the way it was executed. There was a lot of circumstances out of my control but they did not become excuses. I am happy I completed 2 MBA courses, visited my family in HK and squeezed in a forever-deferred trip, had a family trip to London/Paris, took a step forward with the Keremeos pharmacy business, and dedicated time to visit family and friends in Vancouver. It seems like nothing sometimes, but it’s also a lot packed into a year.

2018 will be a new year full of challenges.
1. Keep up with the bar I set for myself from 2017
2. Achieve the goals I did not attain in 2017
3. Explore new hobbies, expand my life, and develop a disciplined routine
4. Take another step in adulting and move into my first property

Ethics #1.

Working on my school assignment for this week, writing an MBA oath. There are so many great values we want to and should strive for as business professionals, as leaders, as a person. On top of that, there’s the pharmacy oath. That’s another set of values on how to do good for patients and conduct as a healthcare provider. Combined, that’s a lot of awesomeness but also a lot of responsibility. It can get heavy at times, but it’s motivation and positive energy on most days.

“The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill.