Kamloops 2018

It was nice to play in a tournament again. Some games, after the warmup or half a set in, you know you got it. Just finish it, get it done. Some games, you know they got something, it’s not going to be a blowout. It’s a “more important” match, you need to perform. Then, the pressure hits and you’re not performing. This isn’t just practice or training where meh, I lost, beat you next time.

Overall, the tournament was okay. Got a really good partner for mixed, met some new people hopefully see again, reintroduce myself to this world. Most remarkably, I’m impressed with the last singles match. If I played my usual level, I would probably be okay, but it didn’t come together as easily as that. My usual go-to strategy didn’t work out, or I was scared to keep using it because she had a good return. I had to resort to my #2 and #3 strategy, string it together to make it work out. It took 100% effort, that thing I feel I’m always lacking. I’m glad I didn’t give up, I’m glad I put in that kind of effort, I’m glad I dug deep into my repertoire and executed. Those make me happier than winning.

It’s time to go back to training, keep building those tools for the day I need it.