Vacation time!

It’s not perfect timing for a break, but it can serve as a break needed. Despite taking this semester off school, it has still been a busy few months. I’ve done lots that I should not discount myself for achieving, but it has definitely felt like a lot of meeting deadlines after deadlines down to the wire. It’s been productive because things are being done, but I’m not necessarily moving forward as a person or as a team. It’s like swimming but just treading at the deep end, the calories are burnt the cardio is done but I’m still at the same spot.

During this break, I’m sure I’m still doing work, not sure how much, but that’s okay. There’s good work and bad work. I’ll only do good work while I’m off. Good work is the longer term projects that we may not be getting to day to day, but the true things we feel productive and make real progress. Finishing work in general feels good, but making even a tiny bit of progress on good work feels great.