Mild addiction.

Just did another TV series splurge. Finished a 16 hrs series over Friday night, Sunday night, and Monday night. I really don’t know why I get myself into it each time. After I start and get into it, it’s like this black hole until I’m done, only to leave with a feeling like I fell out of a vacuum space and time.

I don’t think watching TV or movies is a waste of time. I think it comes down to what a person watches and takes away from it. Most shows are made with a takeaway point; it’s whether the audience see it or not. Some of my favourite quotes and life principles are from TV shows. I even write them down for reviewing later. There’s no activities that are “without value” or “waste of time,” it’s our perspective that determines if it was meaningful and worthwhile.

Until the next binge, time to study and live a bit..

Learning process.

Some scheduling issues triggered a mini self-reflection session today. On one hand, I’m tolerating a lot of shift changes to fit personal schedules without asking, even if the reason is not our norm. The consequence of it is overworking myself and building up negative energy. On the other hand, there’s work to be done but I’m not really contributing to it but just letting it be delegated and someone take care of it. So it’s like I’m not being productive and just slacking off. It’s almost bipolar.

It’s time for me to figure out what kind of manager I want to be, and finding that balance is part of the process to reaching my goal. I want to be down to earth; I don’t want to come up with ideas in a removed context, delegate and expect results. I want to fair; I don’t want to get all the good shifts that work for my schedule and reap in all the benefits. I want to lead by example; I want to work harder than anyone on the team to reach that common goal we set together. I want conviction, not authority. Some number of years ago, I remember saying the single most characteristic of a successful leader is your team buys in on your vision. Wow, I really don’t change much.

This is my first actual management project/experience. Everything before this, was me coming up with an idea and delegating it back to myself. This is a process and it’s going to take time, as we all slowly learn and evolve. Thank you for the opportunity and the patience.