2017. 2018

I understand whether a year is good or bad is all perspective and presentation. Nonetheless, I like to believe 2017 was a good year. I did not achieve all my goals but for the ones I did, I am proud of the way it was executed. There was a lot of circumstances out of my control but they did not become excuses. I am happy I completed 2 MBA courses, visited my family in HK and squeezed in a forever-deferred trip, had a family trip to London/Paris, took a step forward with the Keremeos pharmacy business, and dedicated time to visit family and friends in Vancouver. ItĀ seems like nothing sometimes, but it’s also a lot packed into a year.

2018 will be a new year full of challenges.
1. Keep up with the bar I set for myself from 2017
2. Achieve the goals I did not attain in 2017
3. Explore new hobbies, expand my life, and develop a disciplined routine
4. Take another step in adulting and move into my first property