Logged into wordpress after a long break away. I actually have something to blog about, but I noticed the daily prompt today and can’t not post that first. Rebel.

Burnaby South Rebels! Didn’t think much of the mascot and high school back in the day, but as time passes, I realize how much of an influence that 5 years has on my experience and today’s views. And of course, can’t believe how I’m so proud of this history and mascot I can’t resist not posting this daily prompt!


We admire professional athletes or just those better than us because they are athletic, gifted and talented, or own such a depth of skillset. We constantly forget something. What were we doing when they are practicing? What were we doing when they are reviewing videos or mentally reflecting on it?

Being athletic lets us have fun, but to be good at something, that’s another level. There’s so much more than physical characteristics. Athletism can take us so far, but it’s still the sweat that makes the difference.





It’s apparently Oct 1, 2017. The significance? I can recall Oct 1, 2016 and I don’t know what happened in the last year. I know I did a lot of stuff, like 2 school courses, 2 vacations, a lot of work, time for family in Vancouver, but like what happened in the world? I feel like I’ve been consumed with my own life and goals that I’ve completely fallen out of touch with the world. Definitely missed every movie I wanted to see this year, most of the news that is happening in the world, all kinds of events happening near my life, etc. Time to work on this life balance and time management thing. By the way, what is popular these days?


Glorious: possessing or deserving praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent; synonyms of magnificent, distinguished, honored, outstanding.

Glorious is not a feeling that come all too often in my generation. Are we complainers or are we just over-achievers? Are we not there for common consent or are the expectations set too high? Are we just being millennials or the baby boomers don’t understand? Of course curing a disease or being the next Steve Jobs deserves praise and recognition, but that’s not going to be the majority of us. Feeling good should not be that hard. Find it.

For more on glorious:



Something that really stings: knowing I could have done better but didn’t, especially when I was just distracted or trying to get it done. 

So the goal I have been working on for last month or so: make that few minutes of interaction with the patient my centre of universe. It’s all I care about, it’s all I have to be accountable for, it’s where all my energy goes. 

I’m sure today’s prompt sting can be interpreted in so many other ways:

Get it done.

Still getting used to going back to work after having 1 week off, the energy and mental resources is just not there at the end of the day to blog. Given it doesn’t take long, I should just do it to get it off my mind, and perhaps start the flow to start doing actual productive things. GTD #1, if the task takes less than 5 minutes, just get it done and not add it to the to do list.

Prompts I wanted to write a post and put off forever, but luckily related so I can just bunch it all together to now: Elevate (Sept 5), Anticipate (Sept 6), Finite (Sept 7), and Overcome (Sept 9).

We have a finite window of opportunity to make a difference or get something done on a certain thing before it just takes its own course. Despite understanding the theory and experiencing the consequence on multiple occasions, I am still the worse for this as I continue to continuously procrastinate on the important things. Prime example would be trying to focus on getting school done, when work is less crazy, when I have more time, when I work less. When and ifs are obviously not happening, so it’s time to make it happen. I need to anticipate the situations better, prepare myself to elevate above the circumstances, and overcome the obstacles. Otherwise, nothing will ever get done.

So short tasks, just get it done. Long tasks, find a way, do it, and get it done.