Ethics #1.

Working on my school assignment for this week, writing an MBA oath. There are so many great values we want to and should strive for as business professionals, as leaders, as a person. On top of that, there’s the pharmacy oath. That’s another set of values on how to do good for patients and conduct as a healthcare provider. Combined, that’s a lot of awesomeness but also a lot of responsibility. It can get heavy at times, but it’s motivation and positive energy on most days.

“The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill.

Econ week 5/6

Behind in school, not something new. Feeling KO-ed, not entirely new.

After 2 days, slowly catching up, completing each section, it’s not the problems that got us or the prof being unfair. It’s that we didn’t spend enough time, do all the sections, learn and digest it thoroughly, so we’re missing details. The course or program isn’t out to get us, so time to stop blaming it, stop running through the situation and challenges, and time to concentrate on finding the solution. It’s time to put some hard work in. It’s time to commit.

Like TK said, this is a degree program, not some continuing education thing. It’s not supposed to come any easier than the other degree. It’s not for fun extracurricular or a time filler, it’s a commitment.

Progress: working on week 4…