Get it done.

Still getting used to going back to work after having 1 week off, the energy and mental resources is just not there at the end of the day to blog. Given it doesn’t take long, I should just do it to get it off my mind, and perhaps start the flow to start doing actual productive things. GTD #1, if the task takes less than 5 minutes, just get it done and not add it to the to do list.

Prompts I wanted to write a post and put off forever, but luckily related so I can just bunch it all together to now: Elevate (Sept 5), Anticipate (Sept 6), Finite (Sept 7), and Overcome (Sept 9).

We have a finite window of opportunity to make a difference or get something done on a certain thing before it just takes its own course. Despite understanding the theory and experiencing the consequence on multiple occasions, I am still the worse for this as I continue to continuously procrastinate on the important things. Prime example would be trying to focus on getting school done, when work is less crazy, when I have more time, when I work less. When and ifs are obviously not happening, so it’s time to make it happen. I need to anticipate the situations better, prepare myself to elevate above the circumstances, and overcome the obstacles. Otherwise, nothing will ever get done.

So short tasks, just get it done. Long tasks, find a way, do it, and get it done.

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