Learning is fun.

Working on the CPhA labs value course. I could be done long ago, but I’m taken my time to truly make sure I got it and reconcile all the information together. Real learning.

It’s been a good experience so far. It is comparatively easy to my MBA school courses because it’s black and white facts. It just takes time and effort. Of course, the application of it is more clinical judgement, but the studying is not abstract like leadership.

It’s been fun also when I’m able to recall and integrate bits and pieces of it during work. It’s true the scope of practice isn’t there for us to order labs or receive results directly, but I have already recommend patients lab test frequency for a pregnant lady with hypothyroidism or understand what the nurse practitioner was saying for a normal MCV with iron deficiency anemia. Nothing in the current scope deters patients from sharing their charts with pharmacists if the therapeutic relationship is there, so someone gave me a copy of her annual review with her physician to me, with her current A1C, SrCr, BMI, HDL/LDL, and such.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” This course, that’s the preparation. There are some opportunities out there. We don’t need the world to make a difference, so make the best of what’s available and the world will open up. And then success!



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