The first thing that came to mind on today’s prompt is free prescriptions delivery. It’s becoming more and more common in the marketplace, almost like you have to do it to stay in the game. For obvious reasons, this is beneficial for the patients who have difficulty travelling to the pharmacy, makes total sense in the service and/or health sector. This is clearly positive business and society progression, which I have no issues with. The devil’s advocate rhetorical question to me here is, we’re only going to have more and more services to remain competitive, probably free, so when does the big boss of the service sector recognize this as something valuable the providers are giving and remunerate for this effort? How will the users give back or play a role in this? We always say healthcare is different from other services because it’s an essential service or it’s the ethical thing to do, but that doesn’t make it not a business nor the providers aren’t human at the end of the day. So, should we really be looking at it through a complete different set of lenses?

A one way street can only go so far. We may as well build the return before the whole road gets taken apart.



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