Locus of Control.

At the Vees game today, the referees missed multiple penalty calls. Would that be a more fair game? For sure. Would that have changed how the game was played and the end result? I don’t know.

Is it worth the mental resources to blame the game and results on the poor reffing? I would say not. There are many unfairness in sports, environmental barriers, sportsmanship of the participants, etc. It is part of the game. We have to deal with it and grind it out, find a way for that W. It is what makes such a thing called sports performance.

Just finishing the leadership course, it is all about locus of control. Internal and be able to reflect and adapt, or external and blame it on luck or uncontrollable forces. As a person who enjoy sport for what sport is, and my general character, I always choose the internal locus of control. That’s where the attraction of sport is, developing and implementing different strategies to produce amazing performances and unpredictable results. We don’t learn or become better people by blaming it on the environment or envying the opponent’s performance, we only become better if we work on ourselves.


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