Becoming a Pro.

This time of the year is always interesting. My Pocket app would recommend stories all relating to acceptances into Ivy League schools. I just read two application essays, both of which received offers to multiple Ivy League schools.

The successful application essay is a narrative story of a life experience. Between the lines, implicitly, it shows their character and their innate potential. There’s no outlining their goals, their dream and vision, what traits or skills they possess, experiences they would like to be noticed. It’s more powerful and less hard-selling. Hardselling and outlining is the majority of applications for work and school.

Another article I read today is the 7 differences between amateurs and professionals on Medium. I see resonance, and how these individuals can become a pro. As for myself, I see myself doing both, but they’re really opposing practices. It’s a process to go from amateur to pro, but it’s definitely a different mindset also.

On that note, time to work hard. Stop talking and just walk the walk. I’ll become a pro one day.


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