Amazon leadership.

Thank you to Jeff Bezos for your letter. Perhaps it’s always been the Amazon Way all along, but communicated to the general public, I learned something new.

1) Day 1 concept. I know it’s the best concept and attitude to take on, but sometimes, the relief day 2 is more comfortable is such a nice thought. Day 2 is not acceptable, no comfy days ahead…
2) 70% info. I’m known to research things out and do my homework before taking action. It has proven me well such as my recent savings of $1250, but I don’t deny it has delayed some decisions. Instead of my current 90% comfort zone, I need to speed the process and act at 70%.
3) Disagree and commit. I’m not afraid of confrontation and speaking my mind when needed, as ideas need to be tested from different perspectives. I generally let the project continue along, as long as the other party has done their due diligence and is still convinced on their argument. I don’t know if I’ve shown that part of support well after the initial disagreement. Or maybe I need to not just accept and allow to continue, but commit and engage.


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