110%…or the real 100%

I love sports to life analogies.

Today at badminton, inspired by watching the Malaysian Open Finals live the previous night, there was a doubles game where we were down 2-11 at one point. I was getting frustrated at my partner but I just didn’t want to toss the game. I started playing a completely different style, one I haven’t used since my high school years. No more of the fancy placement shots, letting my partner learn, just get it done, my way. It was nice I still had it in me, because I haven’t practiced it for so long and my personality has tamed or flattened a lot. We caught up and won 22-20. Played a full match of singles afterward​, in my new mindset, I smashed more in a game than I usually do in a full 3 set. It’s not that I have an ineffective smash or try to save energy usually, but just never brought it out to use and resort to other options. Today, I pulled it back out from the treasure chest and it was great. Things were so much easier!

Not to take the great feeling away from myself, it’s time for reflection. Is this the whole LinDan thing where he plays hard during circuit tournaments but explodes during the grand slam? Or McDavid with his fast and super fast skating speeds? There’s that other level…is that the 110% super performance or is that a usual 80% and 100% when it matters?

Does this apply to life? School, I definitely resort to it around finals time. My catch up list and exam results show that objectively. Work, I don’t know. I don’t think I’m at the 100 or 110%, but I can’t tell if it’s my ego or feedback that’s telling me that. At the same time, I feel now is probably a good time to be at that 100 or 110%, but I just don’t even know how to kick into that gear or what that even looks like.


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