Suits Finale.

Finally watched the season finale, so good! This was an interesting episode, almost too much change in 40 min. Definitely a lot of character growth and change in dynamics. Great way to start season 7 fresh, after another lengthy wait…

One of the interesting things that happened was Jessica’s return at the hearing. She used a reference from the Aesop’s Fables Wind and the Sun to turn the committee to her side, after Harvey and Mike has  pulled all of their tricks. This was interesting because the entire series is based on bluffing, corporate deals, being bigger and better to blow others out of the water. This was an absolute change in strategy to use gentleness and let the other party decide on their own accord. The power of gentleness. 

Aside from the shock as an audience of this series and fan of Harvey’s ego, I can see how this is perhaps the better strategy in the long run. It’s not a short term win that backlashes later. Definitely a systemic leadership act to enhance another’s adaptive capacity. Powerful, respectful stuff. 

Reminder to self: It’s what KC would do. 


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