I’ve been studying like crazy these days and it’s driving me nuts. Part of it is my fault for getting so behind. It’s been busy at work, overtime and energy wise that doesn’t leave a lot of me for school, but that’s not an excuse for the journey I chose for myself. Part of the real challenge here is the topic itself, marketing. The concepts are not difficult, but it’s a difficult one to study and master in. Most of the reading goes by relatively quickly, but it also just goes right through me because it makes sense. It’s like oh ya ya, that’s why this company does this because of this theory. It doesn’t help my exam situation here because I need recall, not just recognition. I need to be able to put my understanding into words and answer questions, not just agree with the answer key that I’m not provided with. When I try to think back on all that I’ve read and learned this past semester, I may do fine, considering it’s part of my knowledge somewhere, but it certainly doesn’t feel very secure.

Despite my slightly worrisome situation, it’s actually quite cool. Understanding it is so much more important than memorizing. And seeing how it applies to the real world is more practical than learning concepts that I can’t correlate with. What’s the most amazing though is how I sort of see things a different way. Not skeptical that everything is marketing with some motive behind it, but just everything is what it is for a reason, an effort of someone else, and me understanding all of that! Nike has the products it has because of its mantra, Avis promotes the way it does because of its strategic positioning. Seeing life through different set of lens and understanding these behaviours, indirectly growing and maturing to a more dynamic mind and person, that’s why I’m studying. I can see myself slowly realizing this goal. It’s kewl.


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