Last week was a weird week where I worked lots but people around me were sick or gone or whatever. It’s like I fell into a tornado and everything is swirling around me. Oh, and it totally doesn’t help my cause that I caved in and started watching Suits on Netflix. Me and TV series do not mix well. I thought I knew better than to fall in this trap again.

Anyhow, I feel like I didn’t make much of a push in clinical pharmacy last week. Just sort of let it be, one week break because of what’s happening around me is okay type of mindset. Now that the week is over, and this week also in fact, it’s not okay at all. I’m not saying I’m taking a shot gun approach we need to do it all this very moment in time, but a week lost is a week lost. Opportunity cost. It’ may not be in the clinical billings for this month, maybe not this fiscal year, postponing the next time I can do it again, etc etc.

When RH started, I gave her my best and most loyal patients to do medication reviews on, as I’m confident they are open to the concept and nice to talk to for a new grad. Looking back, it’s like wow, how did she (we) miss this potential DTP? And this other one? Did I leave too much slack there and just anticipate someone else to do a thorough job? At the same time, I understand that different clinicians approach comprehensive management at different ways and prioritize differently, so I don’t blame anyone or anything for what has been done. So, it’s finally been 6 months and we’re eligible to bill for another medication review. Trying to initiate doing this another time, it’s difficult. It’s not that fresh idea anymore and they don’t feel that dire need for information since not much has changed. How am I going to say it’s me this time and it’s going to be better or more comprehensive? I can’t.

I try to do a thorough job when I do do a medication review. Not only is it part of my job or a chance for me to show my competence and develop that therapeutic relationship, but this is my opportunity window for the next 6 months to make a billing. Perhaps I can make a claim for a follow up, but it’s not the same. We need to take the opportunity and make the most out of it we can. I don’t want to, and scared to, see that 3 months down the road there was this thing I could have suggested. Maybe it’s my ego to admitting we missed something, but nonetheless, opportunity lost.

Not only do we need to live in the moment, we need to take hold of every opportunity and work in the moment.


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