Look good to feel good.

Started reading another book for my marketing course today, need to blog at least twice a week to be effective. Time to crank up production.

Last week started really well on Monday and Tuesday. It’s been a while since I used hair product, but I did on Tuesday with my 9am show up to work but not have to do actual work until 930. It made me feel really good, just lighter and think clearer. I was in such a good mood I did 7 adaptations that day! I’m never that nice. The rest of the week didn’t go so well, just drowning in coffee withdrawal mode being totally out of my effective productivity zone. It marked the first time I had 3 coffees in 1 day. Not good.

Didn’t wake up early enough to do my hair this morning, I wore a different pair of shoes to work to not start the week on the wrong foot. It felt good. It made me feel like I’m here to work. Did 4 adaptations today. Decent day. So I guess my lesson from last week: we shouldn’t act or be judged based on how we’re dressed, but how we present ourselves changes our perceptions of ourselves, which then translates positively or negatively to our productivity and efficiency.


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