In the past week, I had to do a few things at work I wasn’t super comfortable with. Not ethically, but knowledge wise. Just another few of those times my insecurities and lack of experience shows.

First of all, this is not a bad thing at all. It’s important to recognize where is comfort zone and danger zone, and act accordingly in the challenge zone. Not recognizing when you don’t know enough and following through with it is even scarier and more dangerous.

Actually, there shouldn’t really be a comfort zone. Being slightly careless because it’s within our comfort and that thing we do all the time, missing a single step can lead to severe consequence. Some of them being irreversible. Is good practice really about protecting our own license so we do all the right things or is it to not do something we may regret later? I chose the latter.

Pharmacy practice is and always will be a continuum of simple prescriptions to complex medication management. And even simple can turn out complex, and complex is not so complex. Last week, female patient with good renal function empirically treated for UTI, did the usual counselling on indications, mechanism of action, direction of use, adverse effects; she ended up in hospital with acute interstitial nephritis. I did a med review with another patient on >15 medications with interactions left right and center; everything was well and experiencing no apparent effects from any of it. Point is, there is no simple or not simple. Everyone and everything is in the challenge zone requiring due diligence.

With that in mind, another week of work is about to start. Time to work hard back to the basics, and foot to the pedal and push. It’s the only way. Success builds on little things, and this week will be a little thing.


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